Elevate your experience with chef-prepared comfort cuisine at every meal.

Wellness Catering

  • Full-Kitchen Management
  • Custom Rotating Menus
  • Rave Reviews

On-site kitchen partnerships for:

  • Rehab Facilities
  • Retirement Living

Proudly serving:

Add a "heartbeat" to your wellness facility with ME & JULIO.

Specialists in elevated comfort food.

Food is fuel. Your kitchen can serve up freshly prepared, chef-cooked dishes EVERY DAY.

Nourishing, soul-satisfying meals that enhance the entire experience someone has at your facility.
Our kitchen partnerships make a difference.

Get excited, we are! Elevate the experience you offer at your facility. Make your clients and staff feel incredibly well cared for. Show how forward thinking you are compared to other treatment centres, clinics, and retirement communities.

Upgrade your food, upgrade your experience.
Does that sound like what you’ve been looking for? Contact us.

What does a kitchen partnership include?

We can offer you any of the following options:

  • Full on-site kitchen management
  • Custom rotating menu development with our international chefs (LOTS of variety)
  • Appetizing options for special diets (vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free, etc.)
  • Budget and serving quantity planning
  • Ingredient sourcing and food delivery management
  • Daily meal preparation in your on-site kitchen
  • Full kitchen staffing with our internal team of skilled chefs and crew (no staffing agencies)

Giving you a professional, complete solution to providing outstanding food to your clients, residents and staff.

Breakfast time at Bellwood Rehab!

What Me & Julio Can Do For Your Facility

The Mould

Stand out from your competition by offering an elevated dining experience while other facilities are serving mediocre hospital-grade food.


Give your testimonials some extra glow. Our partners receive rave reviews – not just for the outstanding care and programming they provide – but also for the meals and kitchen staff.

The Soul

There is nothing quite like a comforting, quality meal to make someone feel valued and supported on their journey. Serve food made with love and care and watch the ripple effect on the well-being of your clients.

With Flavour

Keep your rotating menus fresh and full of variety! We have chefs hailing from Mexico, the Philippines, Kenya, Vietnam, India, and Canada. Ensuring our custom menus include a diverse and appetizing fusion of global comfort foods that are never boring.

a Heartbeat

Make mealtimes a highlight. Draw people out of their rooms with meals they look forward to everyday. Watch the kitchen become a hub of positivity that resonates throughout your entire building.


We work hard to make our menus a perfect balance of “Good for you” , “At home comfort” and the slightest touch of really good “Junk Food”. We balance the cards proteins and veggies, and watch our budgets closely. It is is the best “institutional food” you will ever have. We have been in partnership with Bellwood for years now, and we LOVE what we do with them. Food is Fuel and Food is necessary to feel good.
We shape our menus around the seasons, changing 2 or 3 times a year.

View four weeks of sample menus here (standard & vegetarian).

We have your back

Interested in what a kitchen partnership
could look like for your facility?